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from the clay, we are shaped

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"Whenever something caused her to frown or grimace, however, her features underwent dramatic changes. The muscles of her face tightened, pulling in several directions at once and emphasizing the lack of symmetry in the overall structure. Deep wrinkles formed in her skin, her eyes suddenly drew inward, her nose and mouth became violently distorted, her jaw twisted to the side, and her lips curled back, exposing Aomame’s large white teeth. Instantly, she became a wholly different person, as if a cord had broken, dropping the mask that normally covered her face."

9 months ago
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Class doodles of tiny people with tiny struggles

10 months ago
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old piece revamped now that i FINALLY KNOW HOW TO COLOR!!!

finally started publishing my comic death’s gate!

Wren and Fletcher have fallen through some hole in reality into the realm of Death himself. They have been delegated with the ultimate task - to return Hell’s artifacts to their rightful places, before the Underworld collapses in on itself and releases the dead upon the living.”

check it out here!

how i do work



so this popped up on my twitter feed and


(you hurt my haruka i hurt you)

quick and inaccurate sketch of rose for color experiments

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lord death - death’s gate

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words/inspiration from The Stranger by Albert Camus.